1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words: Ebook and Anki Flashcards

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1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words: Ebook and Anki Flashcards

Ukrainian Lessons
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If you are looking for a huge vocabulary boost at the beginning of your Ukrainian learning journey, check out this resource.

It provides you with 1000 Ukrainian words and examples of using them in simple sentences ― all with English translations.

There is also a set of digital flashcards that can be used with the Anki app to learn these words quicker with audio and pictures.

What is included?

PDF Ebook:

  • 1000 Ukrainian words with the English translation;
  • Examples of using them in simple sentences with English translation;
  • Each word has a stress mark;
  • Masculine – Feminine pairs (актор – акторка);
  • Irregular plural forms (хлопець – хлопці);
  • All the verbs in two forms – imperfective and perfective aspects (допомагати – допомогти). Two example sentences to see the difference of aspects;
  • PDF format that can be used on any device or printed out.

Anki Flashcards

  • Made to be used in the Anki app - this application is free for Windows, Android, Mac, and online use. It is for sale for the iOS devices.
  • Based on the spaced repetition method of learning words;
  • Great way to memorize, review, and practice pronouncing 1000 Ukrainian words from the ebook;
  • Pictures to remember the word visually;
  • Voice recording for each word;
  • The examples from the book.
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